The SeamCircle is your profile timeline where you get to share your thoughts and view updates from those in your circle; it displays the aggregate of updates in your immediate circle.

You can promote your post on SeamCircle to users beyond your circle on SeamWith and as families and friends share and spread your news, your reach is unrestricted.

Take for example on SeamWith, your immediate circle of friends and families is limited to 200 people; and because the most significant factor in life for you as an individual, is the people around you, building healthy, inspiring and supportive relationships is very important.


Integrity Bar

This is a sweet spot on SeamWith. Actually, something obviously missing in most online media platforms but attempted to be solved for Seamers and would-be-seamers. Your Integrity Bar is a gamut of the richness of your personal profile, attestation by your circle of friends on your person and of course your online activities.

It is said that every time you post a photo or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand. Your Integrity Bar is what any smart fellow will look up to decide whether or not to add you to his or her limited 200 Family members. The Integrity Bar is designed to guide the perception that others may have about you, because in the virtual world, most people see others first of all as potential criminals.

Seamers' Hall

This is a “must own” opportunity on SeamWith for every serious business minded individual. Yes, your circle of friends and families is restricted to 200, you can have millions following and participating in your Hall, expanding your reach beyond your circle.

Seamers’ Hall is the meeting point where your creativity is displayed, mentorship and blogging are combined to groom hall members in any area of subject or interest.

Seamers’ Hall is for those who can articulately communicate their thoughts, and keep the members enlightened. Seamers’ Hall offers you an incredible monetisation opportunity from sales of ads, sponsored post and many more.

If you own a Hall, you can pin articles to show relevance and importance. Your Seamers’ Hall can be public or private and you can have up to 5 admins approved by you to manage the hall with you.



A social medium without real time interactions is like building a community without means of communication. SeamChat is the instant messaging feature on SeamWith platform, designed and developed to help users build and sustain their circle.

With SeamChat, you can have meaningful and one-on-one chat or group chat; you also get notifications on the go. With SeamChat, communicating with your circle of friends is just an instant message away.

Liberty Family

Ever thought about a virtual family with real life people whose aim is to support one another and help every member achieve his or her goals in life? This is what My Liberty Family a.k.a MLF is all about.

Pioneered in Africa in December 2016, the family has grown to over 25,000 unique members and have produced more than 3,000 first time entrepreneur millionaires.



Our SeamPro is a marketplace for professionals and clients to meet and transact. It is a platform where skilled labourers, experts and freelancers can be reached. Where do you go when you need to get a job done outside of your city or country and sometimes, even in your city?

SeamPro allows users post opportunities, get experts to meet the opportunities. As a Professional, you get notifications when offers are available. SeamPro helps showcase your skills and increases your visibility beyond borders.

And for job seekers, SeamPro provides tools to develop a top-notch resume

Get the Job done at SeamPro!

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SeamBox is a video-sharing platform with endless opportunities. Video is a powerful storytelling medium for educating, enlightening and entertaining. It is the combination of sound, motion, and visuals that help drive influential ideas, thoughts and promotional efforts deeper, thereby creating a more satisfying relationship between your brand and its target audience.

SeamBox avails content creators and curators a platform to project their creativity or thoughts by owning a channel and uploading videos.

Seambox helps amplify voices, to showcase talents and strengthen opportunities.

Now, you can be heard, now you can be seen with SeamBox

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The SeamCenter is a digital library for authors, creators, developers and publishers to host and display their works and craft. Are you good in writing great stuff, articles or do you have expertise in certain fields? Do you have informative and educative materials in ebooks, audio or video formats? Do you have business tools such as software and templates? Would you like to sell or share with the world for free?

SeamCenter gives users access to rich catalog of materials to download from for free or pay where necessary. SeamCenter provides the community a reservoir of well researched business information to equip great minds for business opportunities .

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